Welcome to AICDesign

This site is dedicated to providing resources for students and professionals in the area of analog integrated circuit design using CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.  The resources are designed to help understand the principles, concepts, and techniques of analog integrated circuit design.  The professional resources include online lectures on how to do analog integrated circuit design step-by-step using design procedures.

NEW – Module 6 – How to Design Comparators.  This module includes three lessons on design procedures for open loop comparators, improvement of open loop comparators, and asynchronous (clocked) comparators.  There are three laboratories including a laboratory on the design of an open loop comparator, the design of a comparator using hysteresis, and a high speed comparator design.  For the month of September 2020, this module is at half price.

IN DEVELOPMENT – A course on the reliability of CMOS analog circuits which includes the influence of hot carrier injection, oxide integrity, time-dependent dielectric breakdown, negative bias temperature instability, and electro migration.  Design tools and design for reliability with examples will also be included.

Author: Phillip E. Allen

Retired Professor Emeritus from Georgia Tech. Presently teaching new designers in the analog IC community how to design analog integrated circuits.