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This site is dedicated to providing resources for students and professionals in the area of analog integrated circuit design using CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.  The resources are designed to help understand the principles, concepts, and techniques of analog integrated circuit design.  The professional resources include online lectures on how to do analog integrated circuit design step-by-step using design procedures.


This new course on ESD for analog circuits has been reduced into 6 lessons that cover the following topics:

  1. ESD models and methods
  2. ESD clamps
  3. ESD output circuit protection
  4. ESD input circuit protection
  5. Simulation of ESD clamps using SPICE-like simulator
  6. ESD systems protection and tools

For the first time in any ESD course a simple snapback model suitable for SPICE or SPECTRE is developed. This model can be independent or dependent on rate of rise of the ESD voltage.

This course has two simulation laboratories.  The first laboratory develops model for three different types of ESD clamps including the rate-independent clamps LVTSCR and GGNMOS.  A rate-dependent clamp, RGNMOS, is also developed.  Simulation using a SPICE-like simulator is used to verify the clamp models.  The second laboratory applies these ESD clamps to design, simulate, and verify the ESD input protection and output protection for an op amp.

This course is different from the ESD course on Udemy in that the material has been condensed into five 20-minute lessons and a new lesson on simulation of ESD clamps using a SPICE-like simulator.  Also, the regenerative mechanism for the snapback phenomenon has been identified to help understand how a snapback clamp works.  In addition, this course has the two laboratories above which give the student the opportunity to experience the simulation of ESD performance of circuits containing snapback clamps.