Welcome to AICDesign

This site is dedicated to providing resources for students and professionals in the area of analog integrated circuit design using CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.  The resources are designed to help understand the principles, concepts, and techniques of analog integrated circuit design.  The professional resources include online lectures on how to do analog integrated circuit design step-by-step using design procedures.

NEW! Module 5 on How to Design Specialized Op Amps is now available in the Professional Course category.  This module covers the design of high-gain op amps, low-noise op amps, low-power op amps, and differential out op amps.  Several unique solutions are discussed for improving the performance of these types of op amps.  There are three laboratories which provide the experience of designing and simulating specialized op amps to a given set of specifications.  For the month of August 2019, the introductory price for this module is $50 rather than the normal $70.