Welcome to AICDesign

This site is dedicated to providing resources for students and professionals in the area of analog integrated circuit design using CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.  The resources are designed to help understand the principles, concepts, and techniques of analog integrated circuit design.  The professional resources include online lectures on how to do analog integrated circuit design step-by-step using design procedures.

NEW – Extraction methods for the simple large signal MOSFET and BJT models (Lesson 1.6)  have been added to Module 1 – How to Design in CMOS/BiCMOS Technologies along with Laboratory 00 (Lesson 1.7).  These lessons show how to perform the extractions for XFAB 0.35µm technology for the 3.3V NMOS and PMOS and the NPN BJT.  Module 1 – How to Design in CMOS/BiCMOS Technologies is part of the How to Design Analog Integrated Circuits course.

IN DEVELOPMENT – A new module (Module 6) on the design of comparators will be available soon.  Will have three lessons and three laboratories dealing with the design of CMOS comparators.