Professional Courses

Professional Online Courses

Introduction to Professional Courses

These courses offer in-depth instruction on how to do analog IC design that best accomplishes a set of circuit specifications using CMOS or BiCMOS technology in an industrial environment.  It is assumed that the participant has a background in CMOS/BiCMOS technology, circuit theory, and is familiar with industrial level simulation tools.  These courses also include topics, such as ESD and reliability, which are generally not covered in the academic preparation for analog IC design.

How to use the Professional Online Courses

At this time, the professional online courses consist of step-by-step procedures on how to accomplish a design given a set of specifications.  Although the result may not exactly satisfy the specifications, the designer should know how to “tweak” the design procedure to accomplish the desired result.  These courses are followed by the opportunity to design and simulate laboratory design problems using the resources of Efabless.  In each module there is at least one laboratory to design and simulation of the module topic.   The technology used in these design problems will be 350 nanometer CMOS/BiCMOS technology.

With regard to the laboratories, if the student will send a schematic with W/L values and dc operating points along with a summary of the simulated specifications to Dr. Allen at, he will provide feedback on the design. The suggested submission format is to create a powerpoint and insert the above information such as screen captures and simulations into the powerpoint.