CMOS Analog Circuit Design : Specialized Operational Amplifiers (#005)


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This module deals with improving the performance of the op amp over that of the op amps in the previous module. The improved performance will be the ability to drive a large capacitor and/or small resistor. Next, bandwidth will be increased to the maximum possible value and alternate methods of achieving high gain-bandwidth amplifiers will be shown. In most practical applications, the signal in and out is differential. The next section will shown how to design differential-in and differential-out op amps and how to stabilize the common mode output voltage. Op amps that use very little power or have low noise will be described. Lastly, op amps that can work at reduced power supply voltages will be illustrated.

  1. Buffered Op Amps
  2. High Speed Op Amps
  3. Differential-In, Differential-Out Op Amps
  4. Low Noise and Low Power Op Amps
  5. Low Voltage Op Amps


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