CMOS Analog Circuit Design : Introduction (#001)


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This course serves as an introduction to the topic of analog IC design. It is a high level view of what analog IC design is all about and discusses the requirements for a designer in this field. This course is a the first module of an 8-module self-paced learning class with more detailed and 40 hour content on CMOS analog design.
The target audience for this course should have some familiarity with analog circuits and integrated circuit technology. The terminology used is that found in both academia and industry.
Students new to analog IC design can take this course to gain an overview of the topic. Those who are familiar with IC design or have been away from the field for a while, can use the course to come up to date with the field of analog IC design.
The course is offered in a unique approach that includes the completion of design project as a requirement to earning the certificate for the course.


  1. Introduction
  2. Submicron CMOS Technology 
  3. Deep Submicron (DSM) CMOS Technology
  4. Ultra-Deep Submicron and BiCMOS Technologies 
  5. PN Junctions and CMOS Transistors 
  6. Capacitors 
  7. Resistors and Inductors 
  8. Latchup and ESD 


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