• CMOS Analog Circuit Design : Modeling (#002)

    by Phillip E. Allen 5 Lessons

    Models allow the designer to predict the performance of the circuit using either hand analysis or simulation. It is crucial for the designer to understand how the circuit works before simulation. This understanding is achieved using the models presented in this module. These models include the large signal and small signal models of the active … Continue reading "CMOS Analog Circuit Design : Modeling (#002)"

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  • CMOS Analog Circuit Design : Introduction (#001)

    by Phillip E. Allen 8 Lessons

    This course serves as an introduction to the topic of analog IC design. It is a high level view of what analog IC design is all about and discusses the requirements for a designer in this field. This course is a the first module of an 8-module self-paced learning class with more detailed and 40 hour content on CMOS analog design.

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