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CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course to be held on June 4-8, 2018 on Amelia Island, Florida. See Upcoming Short Courses link above.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is now available on-line through Continuing Ed at Imperial College, London. Use the following link for more information.

• A new ESD on-line course is available that focuses on ESD from the viewpoint of an analog/mixed-signal designer.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is also available with IC design projects via EDX at Efabless.


  CMOS Analog IC Design Short Course

The material in this course is taught in 30 hours (5 days, 6 hours/day). Below is a quick summary of the fee structure (in US dollars) that is normally used when the course is taught at a company location. The following fee structure assumes that AICDesign will produce the lecture notes and provide a copy of "CMOS Analog Circuit Design", 3rd ed. for each attendee. (Your company can reproduce the lecture notes from pdf files if you wish to save this cost and choose to provide the textbook yourself or not have the textbook as you desire.)

Fee Structure:

* $550/hour for up to 20 students with $25/hour for every student over 20.
* Travel expenses to the location of the course
        - Maximum travel expenses for a US location = $3000 (USD)
        - Maximum travel expenses for an international location = $8,000 (USD)
* Cost of the text "CMOS Analog Circuit Design, 3rd ed." plus shipping at $100/student
* Cost of reproducing and shipping a copy of the lecture notes at $100/student

For 20 students at a US location, the estimated cost would be:
        Lecture = $16,500 (USD)
        Text and notes = $4000 (USD)
        Travel expenses (US location) = $3000 (USD)
        Travel expenses (Non-US location) = $8000 (USD)
        Total costs at a US location = $23,500 (USD) ($28,500 at a non-US location)

If there were 30 students the cost for a US location would be $24,000+$9,000 or $33,000 (USD).

The above prices can be reduced if the company chooses to not provide the textbook and to do the lecture note reproduction themselves.  For example, the estimated cost for 20 students at a US location would be $19,500 (USD).

Lecturer and Format:

Dr. Phillip Allen will give the entire lecture for the course. The format of each day is typically eight 50 minutes lectures with 10 minute breaks between each lecture. The timing of the presentation can be adjusted to fit your requirements.


The lecture material is described in the following link and follows the presentation given in CMOS Analog Circuit Design, 3rd.

Lecture Material



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