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CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course to be held on June 4-8, 2018 on Amelia Island, Florida. See Upcoming Short Courses link above.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is now available on-line through Continuing Ed at Imperial College, London. Use the following link for more information.

• A new ESD on-line course is available that focuses on ESD from the viewpoint of an analog/mixed-signal designer.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is also available with IC design projects via EDX at Efabless.


How to Design Analog Circuits in Modern Technology (In Development - Check with Dr. Allen on Status)

Modern IC Technology

  • Merchant Foundries
  • Technology for Digital and Analog Active Devices
  • Technology Extensions for Analog Active Devices
  • Passive Components in Digital Technology
  • Technology Extensions for Analog Passive Components
  • Technology Selection

Models and Simulation

  • Introduction to Models
  • Thinking Models
  • Simulation Models

Design of Independent Sources

  • Characterization of Process, Voltage, and Temperature Variation (PVT)
  • Process Independent Circuits
  • Voltage Independent Circuits
  • Temperature Independent Circuits
  • Design of Voltage Independent Circuits
  • Design of Temperature Independent Circuits
  • Process Effects on Voltage References

Design for Amplitude Precision

  • Amplitude Relationships
  • Matching in Technology
  • Programmability in Analog Circuits
  • Enhancing Amplitude Precision

Design for Frequency Precision

  • Frequency Relationships
  • Discrete Time Techniques
  • Continuous Time Techniques

Design for Speed

  • Speed Relationships
  • High Speed Design Techniques
  • Positive Feedback Circuits

Design for Robustness

  • Reliability Characterization
  • Duty Cycle Influence
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Substrate Noise

Design for High Voltage

  • Extending Technology to Higher Voltages
  • Technology Limits
  • High Voltage Design

Design for ESD

  • ESD Relationships
  • ESD Protection Devices
  • ESD Design

Design for Latchup

High Level Design

Circuit Level Design Tools

Layout Design Tools

Trouble Shooting


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