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CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course to be held on June 4-8, 2018 on Amelia Island, Florida. See Upcoming Short Courses link above.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is now available on-line through Continuing Ed at Imperial College, London. Use the following link for more information.

• A new ESD on-line course is available that focuses on ESD from the viewpoint of an analog/mixed-signal designer.

• The CMOS Analog Circuit Design short course is also available with IC design projects via EDX at Efabless.




3rd edition of CMOS Analog Circuit Design

The major changes in the 3rd edition are outlined below:

• Technology in Chapter 2 has been updated and additional details on layout given in Appendix B

• In Chap. 3, the large signal model includes velocity saturation

• In Chap.4, the bandgap section has been updated and completely rewritten

• Cascode op amps have been updated along with enhanced gain techniques

• Diff-in, diff-out op amps have been updated and CMFB topics expanded

• Switched capacitors was removed (Chap. 9) and condensed into the appendix

• Design problems have been introduced that are self graded

• Answers of the problems are at the back of the book


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